Kocharian I.


Of Armenian origin, Kocharian I. grew up in Switzerland, in the Lausanne region.

In 2013, he married his wife of Vietnamese origin in Vietnam in the Da-Nang region. Before their traditional wedding, they organized a couple’s photo session called pre-wedding, a very fashionable trend in Asia. During the photo shoot, which lasted more than two days, they travelled to different places such as the city of Hue – the former imperial capital of Vietnam – as well as to the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort and its beautiful beach that borders the hotel. This session gave them more wonderful memories of their marriage and love.


These two days of photo sessions filled with wonder awakened in him the passion and desire to take up photography, especially pre-wedding and wedding photography.


Kocharian I. followed his first wedding report in 2015 and since then, his passion has never ceased to grow, thanks to his creativity, his desire to make each wedding photo unique, and the magic he captures of these exceptional days. Eager to improve and innovate, he went to different countries to share his knowledge with renowned wedding photographers:


2019, personal workshop organized in February in Penang, Malaysia with the photographer Tze Woei, Master of Photography, to learn new photography techniques, the use of different light sources, the technique of taking pictures day and night, as well as model posing.


2018, personal workshop organized in January in Singapore with photographer Tze Woei, Master of Photography, to learn more about photo composition, the use of different light sources, day and night photography techniques, and model posing.


2017, workshop organized in October in Scotland by three world-renowned photographers ranked Master of Photography, Keda Z. Feng, Johnson Wee, Nik Pekridis, in order to understand the composition of a photo, the use of different light sources, the technique of taking pictures and the pose of models.


2014, workshop in Vietnam, in order to acquire more knowledge of photography and some techniques with experienced photographers from the Da-Nang region.

KOCHARIAN Photoraphy

Kocharian Photography was created by Kocharian Israel, whose aim is to leave a signature on its images that guarantees professional and quality work. Trained by the best wedding and pre-wedding photographers, he will bring out your emotions with his incredible and creative shots. His specialities are wedding and pre-wedding, which means the couple’s photos taken before the official wedding. 


It is a 1-2 day couple photo session organized before the official wedding, usually 3-6 months before. The pre-wedding is an opportunity for the bride and groom to celebrate the magic of their union, and to go to a place that is close to their hearts to take unique photos that will make them dream.


This is the time to listen to your wildest desires, to go on an adventure in the famous districts of Paris in a magnificent dress and a tailor-made suit, to ride in a gondola and cross Venice or to go to incredible places like Greece, Singapore, Prague, Iceland and many other places, to capture eternal memories

Trained with the world’s leading wedding photographers such as

Keda Z. Feng

Master of photography, awards from Asia & International in WPPI, MPA,

International Loupe Awards

Johnson Wee

Master of photography

Nik Pekridis

Master of photography

Tze Woei

Master of photography